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Pierre Alexandre Poché (1869-1932) and Family

Pierre Alexander Poché

Pierre Alexander Poché in Cuba

Pierre Alexandre Poché like his father was a Sugar Refinery Construction Engineer who worked throughout the Caribbean.  He constructed refineries in Mexico, Cuba (at San Christoble) and in the U.S. (at Clewiston, Florida and Sugarland, Texas).   The black and white photograph was probably taken in Havana, Cuba.   He married Stella Boudreaux (picture at lower left) in 1893.

Stella Boudreaux Poche


Pierre Alexander Poché in Cuba Pierre Alexandre Poché (left) and his son, Bernard Lynn Poché (right). These photographs were taken at Playa de Marianao,  Havana, Cuba. Both Lynn Poché and P.A. Poché were working on the construction of a sugar refinery at San Christoble, Cuba at the time. Bernard Lynn Poché in Cuba


This is Alton Alexander Poché and his wife Lillian Poché (Canaan). Alton Alexander and Lillian Poché Ola Marie Poché in Dallas

This picture is of Ola Marie Poché and was taken in Dallas Texas in 1922-1923.  Ola Poché went to New Orleans Louisiana shortly after the second marrage of Pierre Alexander Poché to obtain training in Nursing at the Hotel Dieu.  She then moved to Dallas Texas near the end of World War I where one of her first assignments was taking care of the Doughboys who had contracted the infamous "Spanish Lady".  This was one of the first global influenza outbreaks to which many lost their lives.  Ola Poché entered the nursing staff of St. Paul's Catholic Hospital in Dallas and ultimately became one of its Head Nurses.   On retirement, Ola Poché continued as the Head Nurse of a division of St. Paul's that treated welfare and poor patients.