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Joseph Ward Poché Sr. (1895-1970)

Joseph Ward Poché Sr. in Texas City, Texas

Ward Poché was a Construction Engineer and Sugar Refinery Superintendent.  This photo probably taken at Texas City, Texas where he helped to construct the sugar refinery there.

Joseph Ward Sr. and Cecile Olive (Booth) Poché Ward Poché met and married his wife Cecile Olive Booth in 1926 while he was working in Texas City.  In 1936, he and his family moved to Brooklyn, New York where he became a Plant Superintendent of a another sugar refinery.
Ward Poché Sr. on horseback This photo shows Ward Poché on horseback at the Texas City sugar refinery construction site.


Ward Poché -The World War I Years (1917-1920)

"DoughBoys" of the American "National Army" lined up for food. Ward Poché is the third man on the left side  He served as a Supply Sergeant for purposes of rank and pay but did most of his work in personnel.  He was assigned to Company C, 156th U.S. Army Infantry.

Ward Poché Sr. in mess line in France
Ward Poché Sr. demonstrating BAR rife during basic training Ward Poché during basic training with a Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR). Ward Poché with Friends Ward Poché with friends during WWI.

Pictures of family of Joseph Ward Poché Sr.