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"Where did the Pochés come from?"

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When I first got interested in family origins and long before I knew how to spell
Genealogy, I asked my father, my aunt Ola and several of my uncles the same question:
"Where did the family come from?" Here is the story I generally got:

"There were three brothers who came to this country with LaFayette (presumably to
to fight in the American Revolution) and they settled in Louisiana after the war." This story
was very pervasive in my branch of the family.  Only it didn't check out.  There were no
Pochés who fought in the American Revolution.  For years this story plagued me.   Was
there some truth in it?  The garbled truth and pure speculation on my part is as follows:

There were four brothers who fought in the War of 1812 (Henrique, Francois, Allexis and
Benjamin) who were the sons of Francois Poche and Reine Rome.  Three of the four sons
(along with their brother Jacques ) were also famous in the family because they married four
daughters of Pierre Chenet and Susanne Lavigne.  The unit that the brothers fought in was
attached to Jean Lafitte.  Thus three brothers are three brothers; American Revolution
turned out to be the War of 1812 and LaFayette was actually Lafitte.

- Dave Poché