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Application for Veterans Pension for
War of 1812 on Behalf of Benjamin Poché

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Benjamin Poché
Veteran of 1814 & 1815

State of Louisiana
Parish of St. James

Before me Livani Bourgeois , a Justice of the Peace in and for the 1st Ward of the Parish of St. James State aforesaid, personally came and appealed, Benjamin Poché, a resident of said Parish of St. John, who being duly sworn declares that he is a Veteran of 1814 and 1815 having served in Captain LeBourgeois Company,   Isidon Blanchard’s Regiment, and that he is justly entitled to the provisions of an act of the Legislature of this State, approved on the 13th of October 1868. In support of the declaration of said Benjamin Poché, came and appeared Francois Reine S___ and Marcel Braun , both residing in the Parish of St. James, who being duly sworn say, they have known the said, Benjamin Poché for over fifty years, that it is to this knowledge that he the said Benjamin Poché did serve in the War of 1814 and 1815 and was at the close of said war honorably discharged from the service thereof.

Marcel Braun (his mark)                                            Benjamin Poché
    attest                                                                              F. S. Reine

Sworn before me at the Parish of St. James
this 11th February, 1869

T L Bourgeois
Justice of the Peace  1st Ward


State of Louisiana
Pariah of St. James

I, the undersigned Clerk of the Fourth District Court of the Parish of St James, do certify that the applicant Benj. Poché and his witnesses whose signatures I recognize hereto, are persons to my personal knowledge whose statements are entitled to full faith and credit.

Parish of St. James 14 th March 1869
F L Landry

(Seal of Clerk of the Parish of St. James)


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