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Simeon Alexandre Poché (1831-1912)

Captain Simeon Alexander Poché

Captain Simeon Alexandre Poché (S.A. Poché) was a sugar refinery engineer and expert machinist who held several patents on sugar refining process improvements and a Civil War veteran.  He is shown here in his United Confederate Veterans uniform. He was the Commander and one of the founding members of the Major Victor Maurin Camp No. 36 (Louisiana) of the United Confederate Veterans.

Obituary For Simeon Alexandre Poché

Below is a note written by S.A. Poché to the daughter of his brother (Francois Numa Poché) apparently
just after the Battle of Shiloh Church. The "Monday" referred to in the note could refer to Monday
April 7th 1862 which was the second day of the battle.  (Source: Jack Poché).

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The photo postcard below was sent by S. A. Poché to his nephew Francois Mathurin Poché (born about 1864) and shows him in his full dress uniform. The picture appears to have been taken during the Civil War but was sent sometime after its conclusion judging from Francois Poché's birthday.  To the right is the back of the card and below is an enlargement.

(Source: Jeffrey Matherne of Thibodaux, La)


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